Get Ready For summer And Know Your Columbus Beaches

As the long dark days of winter get ready to loosen their drip on the Midwest the thoughts of those who call ‘The Biggest Small Town In America’ home, as well as those who will be paying a visit to Columbus Ohio turn towards those lazy days of summer which are rapidly approaching. This days of sunshine are the perfect opportunities to set aside some time to take advantage of the many beach options in Columbus. The lack of salt water has not stopped beach goers from donning their swimsuits and hitting the sand.

So what does Columbus have to offer as far as sunny skies, beach ball balls and getting your feet wet are concerned? The answer is more than you might think at first glance. Here are some great choices for a day spent on the beach.

The first choice for many would be East Harbor State Park. One of the reasons being that the beach, at 1,500 long offers the perfect opportunity to stretch out and relax. Kids will long the space to simply be kids and enjoy themselves while adults will appreciate not being crowded. The beach also has everything that is required for that perfect day out. Amenities include a bathhouse, grills, picnic spots and a great playground for the younger members of the family to enjoy.

Nickel Plate Beach has one of the most essential attractions for any beach goer. A great lineup of dining venues for post beach refreshment. If you want to enjoy a meal while on the beach (post the Volleyball games – there are courts set aside) – there are also dining spots that offer beach style delivery of pizza. Perfect. Picnic areas, place to set up and charcoal grill and playground attractions round out the offering.

Main Street Beach lightens the load for those who don’t want to be carrying the equipment for that perfect beach day over the hot sands. there are options to hire beach umbrella’s, chairs, tables and sun shelters. Supply your own refreshments and you have everything that you will need for a great day out. In fact with downtown Vermilion within easy walking distance take out is always an option (there are also concession stands adjacent to the beach) – so all you really need is a bathing suit, sunscreen and a towel. Easy as that.

Get ready for summer by staking your claim to the perfect day on the sand and get familiar with your Columbus beach options.